The contrary of „Flatten“- How to force multiple results for the following Activities?

Most of us know that we can flatten an Activity that the following Activity is only triggered once.

One affect is that we have in each of the Published Data the results together in one strings with separator we have defined in tab „Run behavior“.

But what is the „opposite of Flatten“? What is when we have a string with a separator and need to trigger the next Activity for each field. There’s no check to „unflatten“ but a simple “Run. Net Script“ Activity can help. We just need this PowerShell-Code:

$String = '100,182,154' # Subscribe your Published Data which is one string with seprator here
$StringArray = $String.Split(',') # modify the comma with your seperator
$Output = @()
FOREACH ($item in $StringArray)
 $Output += $item

and define the single Output in the tab “Published Data“:

Force Muliple Trigger in Orchestrator

Force Muliple Trigger in Orchestrator

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