The behavior in Orchestrator of multiple Published Data is great in the most times: For each result of an Activity the following Activities are triggered. If you have a list of inputs the next Activity will be triggered for each item in the list:

But in some cases you might want more control:

  • You don’t want to do the steps for the following input data if one step of the preceding input data have failed.
  • You want the second step to be executed after the steps of the preceding input data have finished. For example: Get free username before creating the new account or rate the best host before a VM is deployed.

You can put the steps which should be executed  „together“ in a Child Runbook:

In the Child Runbook I defined Returned Data to tell the Runbook which invokes to trigger again with the „Return Data“ Activity:

The I have a Control Runbook which triggers the Child Runbook until it says „stop“:

Important is that „Wait for completion“ is selected in the „Invoke Runbook“ Activity.

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