SC2012R2 UR14: „An error occurred saving the activity to the data store.“

In System Center 2016 RTM Orchestrator there was a bug: Error Re-„Check In“ a Runbook with „Send Email“ Activity including Attachment in SC 2016 Orchestrator RTM. This was fixed in Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2016 Orchestrator.

Since Update Rollup 14 for System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator the bug exists in  SC2012R2:

When you try to check In“ a Runbook with a „Send Email“ Activity including an attachment after „Check Out“ and modify anything in the Runbook, you get the following error:
An error occurred saving the activity to the data store. Please check the Orchestrator Management Service trace logs.

As like in SC2016 before UR 4 you can workaround this issue:

  • „Check out“ the Runbook.
  • Make you modifications to the Runbook
  • Cut the „Send Email“ Activity from the Runbook.
  • Then „Check In“ the Runbook again.
  • „Check out“ it again, paste the „Send Email“ Activity and „Check In“.

If you do want to loose the configured links. detach“ the links tot he „Send Email“ Activity to a temporary Activity like „Junction“ and after paste back detach back to „Send Email“.

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